Hi, my name is Christian and I am a German game design student at Saxion Hoegeschool in Enschede. My main interests are art, programming and music and I try to combine them whenever I can.


One could say I first started showing interest for Game Design back in (~) 2004 when a friend and I used to sit in front of his old Windows ME Pc, creating levels, worlds and whatever we could think of inside of a Software called RPGMaker 2000. It was always a lot of fun and it taught me the very basics about variables and how games work. Although it was a nice piece of software and it could be completely customised, filled with self drawn (pixel-) art, music and sound effects, I always had the urge to learn more about programming, for that the RPG Maker had simple buttons and prewritten menus to create variables or stats.

Two year later we were introduced to the programming language of Delphi (Pascal) and finally we really learned how to program. I was excited and enthusiastic about it and still am. Until today I learned Delphi, JavaScript, C# and Adobe Flash and I am eager to see which language will add next to this list.


For me programming is the ability to create things out of my mind, to control events and happenings and to bring ideas and imaginations to live.


Art is the second necessity to do so. Art is expression! A way to create, show or process feelings and emotions.

Creating new worlds means creating new emotions and that is something that fascinated me for a long time. I loved writing stories and playing with my imagination since I can think back. I always wanted to create something.

A good written story, a well drawn painting or an infectious piece of music is something that can create atmosphere and feelings. It is a way to express oneself and a way to convert emotions into a form that allows us to share them with others.


Since I discovered these interests I was searching to combine them and finally found a good combination in game design.




Beat_It was a new and innovative game concept basing on music as an active input device.

As my "Minor"-project the time budged for this project was sadly too short to actually realize the game, never the less it was completely sketched out.


As a result of my "Minor" I created a Unity plug-in called the "FrequencyReader" you can read more about it here.


Sonic Sprint Submarine is a game designed for educational purposes. The project has been developed in cooperation with and under the leadership of the Technical Museum in Hengelo (NL) and has been one of their exhibits.



DeadWood is a 3D horror scene. Besides that is was my first Unity3D project, it was also nominated for a student award!






Marley The Mighty Mole

- Flash Game Demo

3lement - Spider Robot

Into The Dark

- Extended Game Concept

- Functional Asset

3D Modelling


To see more of my models visit my Sketchfab gallery.



You can find more of my creations in my DeviantArt Gallery.


You can find a published sample of in-game music composed by me here:

Furthermore you will be able to find more of my compositions at my SoundCloud library.





  • Delphi Pascal was the first programming language I learned. I have been taught Delphi for about 4 years and also spent a three week long intern-ship at Advantex in Rheine (Germany), who are working entirely Delphi-based.



  • I learned ActionScript3 at Saxion during my study and picked it up rather quickly. It was the first language I wrote a 'finished' game in, which can be found here. My first ActionScript3 project can be found here.



  • I picked up JavaScript while working with Unity3D and learned most of it autodidactic, most of my early Unity3D projects are JavaScript based.
    Recently I specialized my self in WebGL and started to program in JavaScript using Three.JS and Babylon.JS as engines to build
    these test scenes for my specialization report comparing both libraries.



  • C# might still be my favourite programming language, which I taught myself during my 'Minor' at Saxion Hoegeschool. This was a half year long project about music measuring at runtime for game integration. You can read more about the project here.


Here are some further samples in addition to the ones linked above, most of them are only some experiments, from learning the respective programming language, which I decided to keep.

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